Happiness is the inspiration for MiSo. 

In 2014, tired of corporate careers that left them stuck behind desks eating fattening fast-food, Ryan and Leena Rommann decided to change things up. They quit their jobs, packed their bags, and ventured across the Pacific. They journeyed from Singapore to Olympia, Washington with the hopes of finding a community that shared in joy, health, and food. 

Before founding MiSo, Ryan and Leena had careers in finance and consulting. Leena previously held management positions at Goldman Sachs, IBM, Standard Chartered and GE Capital. She has an accredited American CPA and Level-1 CFA, which is immeasurably valuable in managing MiSo's financials. Ryan was a Peace Corps voluteer in Mongolia from 2009 to 2011. He served senior consulting positions at IBM, The Asia Group, and Healy Consultants in Singapore. He holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University.  His writing and interviews have appeared in Forbes, The Guardian, and numerous other international business journals. 

Working together at IBM, Ryan and Leena met while commuting on the Singapore subway. Despite their busy careers, they always found time to share their love for healthy food. They married in 2014 and decided to move to the US and start a health-conscious restaurant shortly thereafter. 

MiSo brings a love of life, food, and family to each bite of MiSo and the guest experience. MiSo was born out of joy and hopes to share that with everyone!