About the Menu

  • Do you cater?

Yes, catering trays start at $10 per person and include steak/chicken, rice, salads, veggies and sauces - all the fixings for build-your-own MiSo bowls and salads.  Premium options are available for ahi tuna, shrimp and nori wraps. Please email misobistro@gmail.com to arrange your next catered event! 

  • Do you have vegetarian options?

Yes, absolutely! We have over 16 different options for vegetables including tofu and salads. 

  • Does MiSo serve gluten-free options? 

Yes, there are many gluten-free options including rice, chicken, shrimp, tuna, tofu, all our veggies, and several sauces including wasabi mayo, sweet chili, sriracha, and chipotle mayo. Please notify staff of food allergy concerns in order for them to accommodate. 

  • Does MiSo use peanuts in the establishment? 

The restaurant does have one peanut sauce, but no other products contain peanuts. Please notify the staff in order for them to accommodate food allergies as best as possible. 

  • Are there other allergy restrictions? 

Our dishes may contain soy, wheat, egg, dairy, shellfish, and seafood products. If you suffer from food allergies, please inquire with the staff. 

  • Are MiSo's products certified organic or non-GMO?

Some, but not all. MiSo aims to source all our ingredients sustainably and locally when possible. However, due to limitations in our supply chain of Asian products, only some of our veggies and sauces are organic and non-GMO.

  • How is MiSo's food prepared?

Our products are made fresh in the restaurant including proteins, vegetables and most sauces. Our meats are cooked using hot pot-style methods to limit amounts of oil and saturated fat. We do not fry any items in our store and never will.

  • Do you serve alcohol?

No, not at the moment. 


About the restaurant

  • Do you deliver? 

Yes, we offer delivery through Ubereats.

  • Can I make reservations? 

No, MiSo is designed as a quick-service restaurant that is ideal for a first-come, first-served basis. However, you are welcome to call ahead of time and order for prompt pickup. 

  • Is the restaurant handicap accessible? 

Yes, our establishments are ADA-accessible. The staff is also happy to make any accommodations requested to serve all our guests to our high standards of service. 

  • Can I bring in my service animal? 

Yes, absolutely, however due to health code restrictions, please notify staff as household pets are not allowed. 

  • Is the restaurant family friendly? 

Yes, we love to see happy families together enjoying healthy food. Highchairs and booster seats available upon request. Out of respect for other patrons, please attempt to maintain a moderate volume of noise. 

  • Do you host parties?

We can and would be happy to discuss options. 

  • How do I find you? 

You can find us in our two locations: 1) near the corner of Lacey Blvd and College Street, near Papa John's and Harbor Freight and 2) on the corner of Marvin Road and Britton Parkway near Providence Medical Center. You can also find us online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.   

  • What does MiSo mean? 

MiSo is Korean for "smile." The restaurant was founded on the principle that life should be filled with happiness and the best place to start is the dinner table. We also serve some yummy MiSo soup, too!


Call (360) 628-8416 if you have any further questions or comments.